Introducing CottonPro

A Trusted Raw Cotton Trading House
In Bangladesh

About Us

We are pleased to introduce “CottonPro”, a trusted Raw Cotton Trading House in Bangladesh. With growing complexities in International Business and the market volatility/ ticket size of Raw Cotton procurement, we understand how difficult it may become to manage the end-to-end process. CottonPro is committed to source your desired quality raw cotton from world’s top cotton shippers at a lucrative price. Our team is highly experienced and professional to serve the most respected clients like your company. Owners have 20+ years of experience and business concerns in Textile & Garments, Textile Chemicals and Dye; Commodity Trading, Healthcare, Agro-based Industries, Clothing brands etc.

Handpicked Raw Cotton
For You

Why CottonPro
24/7 Support

Experienced and professional team available 24/7 for any spot/ on-call purchase

Advisory Support

Advisory support on latest development on cotton procurement, logistics, banking and finance

Customer Support

Excellent customer service and professionally run organization

Top Agents

Agents of world’s top raw cotton shippers with best sourcing and logistics arrangement

Best Price

Best price guarantee for the required cotton type

Renowned Advisory Board

Owners are highly reputed and trusted for their various business concerns


Our Valued Partner

When It Comes To Reliability, We Are The One You Need!

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